Dolphin eight

Dolphin eight 是 After Effects 廣東話教學網站,由香港特效設計師 Clifford Li 設立。
Dolphin eight 將於網站內發售設計產品, 例如 預設範例, Script, 素材等。
Dolphin eight was established by Clifford Li, a motion designer from Hong Kong.
We share all kind of motion graphic tutorials in Cantonese for inspiring the fresh
Hong Kong motion designers and Cantonese speakers.
Soon, we will provide motion design products on our website –
such as, presets, scripts, footage and elements etc.


Dolphin eight目標是啟發由 初階 到 中階 的新進特效設計師 和 各熱心於動畫特效人士。
Dolphin eight’s goal is to inspire new motion graphic designer, from entry to middle level and any passionate people. We prepare this channel to share practical technique and skills for our visitors,
let them enjoying to design their own motion artworks.